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Clear Bra Care

Most frequent questions and answers

We advise all of our customers to wait three too five days before washing their vehicle. This helps to ensure all edges of the material are able to dry properly. We recommend low pressure washing if necessary before the expiration of this time period. We also recommend being mindful while wiping near material edges. 

It is our job to remove as much of the moisture and water as possible during installation. However, there is a fine amount of water that gets left behind. This can cause distortion, and small bubbles in the film. This can take up to two months to fully dry. However, we always recommend doing a two week check up with one of our certified installers. 

We always advocate to see the vehicle two weeks after the installation. Our certified installers can then trim any minor peeling areas, remove any residual water pockets, and replace any issues if necissary. 

Our warranty for clear bra covers three to five years of the clear bra’s life depending on the material. This includes discoloration, fading, yellowing, and adhesion failures. Due to the nature of the materials purpose, impact imperfections are not covered by the products warranty. 

How To Wash Your Vehicle Properly