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Clear Bra

Protecting Your Vehicle For Miles To Come.

Our Clear Bra Packages

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld of paint protection

Hood | Fenders | Mirrors

Covers Main Impact areas

Hood | Fenders | Mirrors | Bumper

Increased Front End Protection

Full Hood | Full Fenders | Bumper | Mirrors

Maximum Front Clip Coverage

Full Car Paint Protection Wrap

You won't get any rock chips.

Premium Protection

We carry premium quality materials that other shops will not. This allows our material to do its job long after its been installed for premium protection.

Cost Effective

We know that its not cheap. However, we strive to be the most cost effective solution for a quality product & installation.

Self Healing

Our paint protection films have a self healing top coat that is activated with heat. This makes it more resistant to abrasions and swirling. All these properties aid in its ability to protect your paint.


Unlike many other installers, we are here to support you long after your appointment. We hope that you will reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have.