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Automotive Detailing

Clean On The Inside & Out

There’s nothing in the world that can compare to the look, feel, and smell of a brand new car. Subtle details such as shiny paint, fresh parts without wear, and squeaky clean wheels and tires can make a car look absolutely irresistible. Unfortunately, preserving your car in this pristine condition is next to impossible since driving will undoubtedly diminish the aesthetics of your car. Although there is no way of maintaining your car in perfect condition, there is a considerable difference between a car that has been neglected and one that has been meticulously maintained. Similar to routine vehicle maintenance, regularly detailing your car is a critical aspect of keeping your car in excellent condition.

The main reason for routinely car detailing is to preserve the original appearance of your car. A car that has been newly washed and waxed will look great and will continue to shine when routinely taken care of. Even though a car can never look the same as it once did in a showroom, consistent detailing can help protect your car’s appearance. Detailing your car doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple things such as investing in wax will protect your car’s paint and treating plastic materials with dressing can ensure that they look and feel like they should.

We’ve all sat in someone’s dirty car, ankle-deep in fast food bags and soda cans. It’s disgusting. A clean and detailed interior is not only preferable, but it should be a priority considering the amount of time spent in the car. The interior of a car should be vacuumed frequently and the plastic materials should be treated with specialized products to remove odors. In addition, treating leather surfaces with protectants will help maintain the quality of the leather. By being proactive, you can help prevent your interior from drying out a cracking over time.

You can make your mechanic’s life easier by regularly detailing your car’s engine bay and undercarriage. Not only is it easier for your mechanic  to work on a clean car, it also helps them find important issues such as coolant and oil leaks. It can be very difficult for your mechanic to locate the cause of an issue such as a leaking valve cover if your engine is covered in dirt and grime. Furthermore, bolts and fasteners have a high chance of seizing in place if they are covered in dirt. Having a clean engine bay can also make routine maintenance (such as oil checks and other fluid levels) a much simpler task.

Detailing your car can be one of the best ways to protect your investment. In order to get the most money for your car, regular detailing and cleaning are an absolute must. Properly detailing and cleaning your car tells the buyer that you’ve taken care of the car and that it’s worth the price. Not only can routine detailing make your car more attractive to buyers, it can also greatly increase the value of your car.