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Automotive Window Tinting

Premium Window Tint To Keep Your Car Cooler!

We understand that there are a variety of film manufactures and even more installers begging for your business. At Drive window tinting, we aim to give you a seamless solution to ease the anxiety of choosing the right film for your vehicle. All of our staff have been trained to understand the abilities of our products to be able to offer you the best solution. 

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Planning & Strategy

Choosing the right film has never been easier with Drive Window Tinting. Follow these simple steps:

Popular Options

Below are our popular options for common window tint services. We recommend these as these are our go-to out of the box recommendations for a seamless experience. While also producing a professional finish after installation. It is important to remember that these are just recommendations and we will install whatever combination you are looking for. 

Driver & Passenger Windows
Full Car
20% | 15% | 5%
Full Windshield
50% | 40% | 35%
Visor Strip


Most frequent questions and answers

it contains ceramic particles that are nonconductive and nonmetallic. The ceramic elements reflect and reduce solar heat and UV rays from entering the car. While it reflects and absorbs high levels of light, it also allows for maximum visibility. Ceramic tints resist glare and fading and are highly shatter-proof.

Take a look at the various positive aspects of applying ceramic tint to your vehicle. It:

  • Adsorbs twice as much heat as dyed and hybrid versions.
  • Allows electrical signals through.
  • Blocks heat, UV rays and glare.
  • Doesn’t fade like dyed tint.
  • Doesn’t impede your ability to see.
  • Isn’t as reflective.
  • Is the most technologically advanced tint.
  • Provides optical clarity.


Metalized window tint is what you’d expect. Embedded in the material are metallic particles, which make it a thicker type of film. Formed of an adhesive base layer that bonds to your car window, the film also has a treated layer to block UV radiation and a metalized layer that reflects heat and darkens the glass. A final top coat acts as a protective layer to prevent scratches and nicks.

Designed with several layers, metalized tint films reflect heat from the sun, keeping it outside your car to protect the interior. The metal elements within the layers not only strengthens the window, making it more durable and shatter-resistant but also give off a shiny appearance from the outside. The reflective properties may not be the look you want, as most tints have a matte finish. However, metalized window tints are still functional.

Metalized window tint:

  • Blocks glare and UV rays.
  • Doesn’t fade.
  • Has durable features.
  • Blocks and reflects heat before it enters your car, providing high heat reduction.

Yes, however, it is crucial to the outcome of the installation that the base layer is in pristine condition. Any existing damages in the base layer will show through the added layer. We will not warranty any defects caused by the existing base layer. 

We always recommend 2-3 days before rolling down your windows. However, during warmer periods of the year you are able to 24 hours after the installation. 

Slight bubbling as well as haziness and craziness are very common after installation. This is caused by small amounts of water left behind during installation. We do our best to get all of the water out of the film. However, during the curing process some visual imperfections will arise and should disapear after 7 days. If you are still seeing imperfections after 7 days please come see us for a warranty appointment. 

We recommend that you wait to clean your window tint until the curing process is complete. After the film is done curing, please use Ammonia Free glass cleaners and a micro-fiber rag to avoid scratches and damages.